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Tips to Troubleshoot Windows Problems and Annoyances

Is your computer behaving abnormally? Are certain programs starting automatically when you don’t want them to? Facing difficulties to install or uninstall a program? Is the sound on your PC not working? These are some of the common annoyances that almost every computer users face. This article tells you to troubleshoot these Windows problems and annoyances. You may also get online tech support from a PC repair company to perform this task.

There are a number of built-in tools in Windows that help the users to accomplish the task smoothly. Advanced users go for the free Windows troubleshooting tools that provide more information regarding potential causes of problems and how to fix them. Let’s take a look at some of these tools.

System Information for Windows comes first in this regard. It is packed up with a number of troubleshooting tools. Software, hardware, and network resources those are present on your computer. Here you get detailed information including things such as device temperatures; software license keys; installed multimedia codecs; and more.

Sysinternals Process Explorer is also a very useful name in this context. Described as “Task Manager on steroids,” this tool shows a tree-view of all the running processes. Process Explorer displays more information about the running processes as compared to the Task Manager. More than one processes as well as a whole tree could be killed, frozen, or resumed using this tool.

Another useful Sysinternals tool is Autoruns. All of the programs that are loaded when Windows starts up display are set in Autorun. Startup folder, Sidebar gadgets, codecs as well as scheduled tasks, services, device drivers, etc. are some of them. Through the Autoruns you can have a look at the startup items that you may not require to run all the time as they consume system resources. Unlocker is also a useful tool that you would like to use. Right-click on the stubborn file, choose Unlocker. This will display what program has a lock on the file and then end the offending process.

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ProcessActivityView lets the user inspect the file accesses of a running program. This program makes a log file and assist the users to debug problems in which the file read-write operations are not conducted properly. Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system come with Resource Monitor, which lists the way resources are used in your computer.

All these tools are truly outstanding and they are truly outstanding for programmers and other tech-savvy users. If you are not a tech-savvy person, it is suggested not to use these tools. Or else, you can create a system restore point and then go for making any changes. This is because if any problem occurs, you can roll back your computer to an earlier good configuration.

There are many PC repair companies that also help the computer users to troubleshoot any and all types of computer problems. They employ certified technicians who are immensely experienced in dealing with any type of Windows problems. Since they are experienced, you can get the best support.

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