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Troubleshooting Tips For Laptop Owners When Your Laptop Suddenly Switch Off

It can be so annoying that at one moment you are sat there working on your laptop. Then without any warning everything on the screen just disappears and all you are left with is a blank screen! The laptop has mysteriously switched off.

Obviously the first thing that you are going to check are all your leads to make sure the power cable has not come loose and inadvertently shut down your laptop. If is not the case and your power adaptor is still plugged in correctly then the first thing to try is to unplug your adaptor and try to do a power cycle.

This may sound quite complicated but in effect it is quite easy to do. Step one is to unplug any power source linked to the laptop. After this you must disconnect any external devices that your have linked to your laptop.

Once you have completed those steps you need to remove your battery. After removing the battery from your laptop just press and hold your power button down.

It may sound a silly thing to do given that you have just taken out the battery but this does in fact work in a lot of cases. This is due to the fact that if you have been using a laptop for a while you could have some static build up in some of your internal elements of your laptop.

This in effect can make your laptop shut down by itself occasionally. This process may sometimes work when you lose an internet connection.

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Once these steps have been completed you should check your power source and your battery separately. If the laptop works with the battery and not the power source the chances are that your power adaptor is faulty. If the laptop works with the power source but not just on the battery then you probably need a new battery.

Some laptops have warning lights for different errors. If this is the case with your laptop then you should just be able to check the user’s manual for any faults.

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