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Troubleshooting Tips to Repair Illegal Operation When Happen to Your Computer


“Illegal operation” is one of the most common error messages that appear on a computer stating that an illegal operation has been performed and the program should be closed due to it. When confronted with this error, most of the users think that they accidentally clicked on something, which they are not supposed to do. But, the reason being that the program contains a command, which the program is unable to perform, and it can’t continue running.

Illegal operations can be caused by several other factors including, third party applications are causing memory conflicts, data is not being properly read from the required source, corrupt files, computer virus, error in program coding, corruption or problem with Windows, etc. In case you have encountered an “Illegal operation” error message, following the given below the computer troubleshooting tips can help to fix errors on your computer.

Step 1. Third-party applications running in the background is one of the most common reasons for illegal operation. In case, you are encountering this problem when trying to run a game or program, it is recommended to remove the third-party applications running in the background ensuring that these applications are not the cause of the problem.

Step 2. If you are running a program from a CD or a floppy disk, verify that the disk does not have any physical error.

Step 3. In case your computer memory is loaded with a computer virus and has changed the data of program files when infecting a computer, it may result in this error. Therefore, it is always recommended to install your system with the latest virus definition.

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Step 4. If you are receiving an error message while running a particular program, check the program’s compatibility with the version of the Windows operating system you are running.

In case, you are unable to locate the cause of illegal operation, you can try fixing it using tools included in Windows. The scan disk tool and disk defragmenter can help you to resolve this issue.


Sometimes locating the cause for illegal operation error messages is quite difficult.


If you continue to experience illegal operation errors while working with an application, it is always recommended to contact software vendor.

You can also contact any technical firm that offers technical support services to deal with all issues you are encountering with your PC.

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